Scentsy Party

Scentsy PartyScentsy Party!

Host a Scentsy Party! When you bring together friends and Scentsy products, it happens naturally—laughing, sharing, and reminiscing! Fragrances evoke special memories and have different meanings for everyone. That’s why our products can’t be explained—they have to be experienced. And that’s why Scentsy parties are so much fun!                           Host a Scentsy party!

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a Scentsy Party

Host a Scentsy Party

People have very different opinions when it comes to fragrance—that’s what makes a Scentsy traditional home party so much fun. Pass around more than 80 scent testers and listen to the reactions—whether you agree or disagree, they’re sure to make you laugh! This party style is ideal for everyone on your guest list, whether they’re already fans or new to Scentsy. You provide the location, invite friends and family, and supply simple refreshments—I’ll take care of the rest.


Book a Scentsy Party today and get to see and smell all the new Scentsy products!

Buy ScentsyPerfect Gifts

With more than 80 fragrances and dozens of ways to enjoy them, Scentsy has plenty of creative gift ideas for everyone on your list.

Scentsy Party for breast cancer

Pink Party for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

 Scentsy Parties are family friendly!

Flameless, smokeless, and soot-free—with Scentsy’s wickless candle bars and electric warmers, you can enjoy all the sensory delights of scented candles without the dangers of an open flame. Simply turn it on and enjoy one of 80-plus unique Scentsy fragrances.

Scentsy Home Party

Scentsy Home Show / Party

And Now!  We even have Scentsy Essential Oil Diffuser Relaxation Parties!  This is an awesome way for you and your guests to experience the new Scentsy Essential Oils and the Scentsy Oil Diffuser!

Scentsy Essential Oil Party

Host a Scentsy Relaxation party!


I love to do Theme Parties!

Theme Party ideas

Have a Scentsy Theme Party

When you do a Scentsy Theme Party, is usually means more guests will come.  Why?  Because it is more FUN!  Some of my favorite themes include Hawaiian Luau, Mexican Fiesta, and the Cutest Flip Flop.  Of course I will help with some fun door prizes for your guests.

80's party

Everyone loves an 80’s theme  party!

Scentsy Luau

Hawaiian Luau is always a fun party theme





Pink ribbon Scentsy party


If your guests can’t make it to your party, bring the party to them! While it may not offer the full social experience of a home party, the Scentsy basket party is the perfect alternative for guests-on-the-go. I will provide you with a beautiful display basket full of Scentsy product samples, order forms, and all the information you need. You’ll have a week to share it with as many people you can at as many locations you like. Then you’ll return the basket—and completed order forms—to me to be processed. You still earn the same FREE and Half-Price Hostess Rewards as if you had a traditional home party!  Schedule Now

Scentsy Basket Party / Scentsy Catalog Party

Scentsy Basket Party





Or, you may want to try a FACEBOOK PARTY!  Yes, you can now host an online facebook Scentsy Party!   Your guests can party in their PJ’s and you will earn rewards without leaving the house!

facebook party

Let’s have a facebook party!


Whatever kind of party you prefer, be sure and Book  your Scentsy Party with me!  I will make sure you are the Hostess with the Mostess!

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