How to Change your Scentsy Wax

Posted by on June 9, 2014

How to Change your Scentsy Wax

Scentsy wax does not evaporate, only the scent is released.  Therefore, you will need to know how to change your Scentsy wax.  First, determine what type of Scentsy warmer or nightlight you are using.  If you are using a Scentsy nightlight, changing the wax is simple.  Here is a photo to demonstrate how to change your Scentsy wax.

how to change your Scentsy wax

So, as you can see, there is no need to remove the Scentsy nightlight from the wall outlet.  A cotton ball works great, but you can also use a paper towel and gently soak up the melted wax.  Remember, each cube of wax is designed to give off about 10 hours of scent when melted, so if you keep your nightlights on all the time, you should use one new cube each day for maximum scent experience.

How to Change your Scentsy wax in a Warmer

Scentsy warmers all have a removable dish or top that holds the wax.  It is easy to discard the melted wax.  Simply grab the dish using a paper towel like you would a pot holder, as the dish can get hot, just like a coffee cup.  Then, take the melted wax and dump over your trash bag in the kitchen.  It will not be hot enough to melt the trash bag.  Now your trash will smell good the rest of the day from the small amount of fragrance that remained in the wax.  Now use the same paper towel to wipe the inside of the dish clean.  Add your new Scentsy cube!  You can also use a couple of cotton balls to absorb the wax if you don’t want to touch the hot dish.

How to change your Scentsy wax in a warmer

Removable Scentsy Dish makes it easy to change the Scentsy wax

woman smelling her new Scentsy

Change your wax frequently for the best Scent Experience

      Change your Scentsy Wax Frequently for the strongest scent!

If you use your Scentsy everyday, then you should probably change your Scentsy wax once a day.  Each cube when warmed gives off about 8-10 hours of fragrance on average.  Some scents will last longer, it just depends on the ingredients.  For example, the Fall and Winter fragrances might seem stronger than the lighter Spring and Summer scents.  That is based on the ingredients.  Cinnamon and spices are typically heavier scent notes than the lighter floral and tropical scent notes.

So, I use one new cube of Authentic Scentsy Wax per warmer, each day.  Every morning when I get up to make my cup of coffee, I change my Scentsy wax.  I do not turn off my Scentsy warmers, as they are safe to use 24/7 and even double as a night light at night.  Since each $5 bar of Scentsy comes with 8 cubes of wax, using one cube each day per warmer is very affordable!

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