Scentsy Australia

Posted by on May 16, 2014

Scentsy Australia

Scentsy Australia!  This wickless candle and fragrance products Business Opportunity is now available to those living in Australia and is growing fast! Now is the perfect time to join this ground floor opportunity.  This is the perfect Party Plan company! Scentsy Australia!

Scentsy Australia Catalogue

Australia / New Zealand Scentsy catalog

Scentsy Wax Bars

Scentsy Bars are melted in Scentsy Warmers to make your home smell great!


Whoot scentsy owl warmer

Scentsy owl warmer











Scentsy bird warmer

Finch Scentsy warmer

Vintage Teapot Warmer in new Scentsy Australia catalog

Coming Soon to Scentsy Australia!













Australia Spring Summer 2016 Catalog begins Sept. 1st!

Scentsy Australia Catalog for Spring Summer

New Catalog begins September 1st.

Australia Scentsy Warmer - Moroccan Stencil

Coming Sept. 1st!









Australia Scentsy Warmer Damask Wrap

Available in new Scentsy Australia Catalog













When you sign up for Scentsy Australia, Scentsy will send you a Scentsy Starter Kit for only $139.* Your Starter Kit includes everything you need to hold your first party and launch a successful Scentsy business, including catalogues and other business materials, demonstration products, and a full set of scent testers. All you need to add is your love of Scentsy products and be ready to share them with others!

*GST Inclusive. Plus shipping fees. Contents may vary.  Be sure and make sure you select Australia in the current Country section under “Join Now” on the left hand side.

Starter Kit for Scentsy Australia

The Australia Scentsy Starter Kit is only $139 but has a $300 value!

With Scentsy, you’ll make new friends and enjoy new experiences, while working as little or as much as you want. You have the flexibility to set your own schedule and create your own goals.

Join my team

Join my Scentsy Team!

Scentsy Starter Kit for Australia

Scentsy Australia Starter Kit

What’s in the starter kit?

Everything you need to launch your new business—for just $139:

Australia Starter Kit value

AU Scentsy Starter Kit has a $300 value for only $139

  • 80+ scent testers to share with party guests
  • Beautiful demonstration products like Warmers, Buddies, and Bars
  • Catalogs, order forms, and business materials like invitations and marketing brochures

How does Scentsy help me succeed?

We’ll support you each step of the way:

  • Personal Website FREE for 3 months ($13/month after that)
  • FREE online Workstation to run your business
  • No inventory to manage
  • Live phone support
  • World-class training

Here are just a few more of the benefits of becoming a Scentsy Fragrance Consultant:

Income and Incentives

You’ll earn 20-25 percent commission on your own sales and receive bonuses as you build your team — plus awards and incentives for sales and sponsoring achievements. The easy-to-understand Compensation Plan helps you to determine your monthly income at a glance.

  • Scentsy team

    Independent Scentsy Consultants

  • Easy Start-Up

    When you join Scentsy, you’ll receive a Starter Kit with everything you need to hold your first party and get your business started. There’s no need to pre-purchase inventory; Scentsy ships orders directly to you, your party Hosts, and your customers.

    You’ll also receive a free website for three months — and only $13 per month after that — a free online Workstation to organize and run your business, free credit card processing, and free shipping on qualified orders.  When a customer shops online from your website, you get commission!  Simple!  Sell Scentsy

  • Team Support

    When you join Scentsy, you join a family. As your Scentsy Australia Sponsor, (Heather Llanes- Independent Scentsy Star Director)  I am available to answer any questions. I have 7 years experience with Scentsy and can help guide and mentor you as you build your own successful business!  Our team members also support each other by sharing sales suggestions, party ideas, and more. Scentsy also hosts regular training calls and several in-person events each year to keep you up-to-date on the newest product lines and help you build your support network!

  • Scentsy Team Vacation

    Some Scentsy Team Members on Free Scentsy Vacation


  • FREE Scentsy Vacations/Trips!

You also have the opportunity to earn FREE Trips and Vacations with your Scentsy Business.  I have earned all expense paid trips to Disneyworld, the Dominican Republic, Hawaii, and more each year I have been with Scentsy.  Let me help you earn some free vacations too!


Are you ready to get started?  Join my Scentsy Team today!

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Scentsy in the Group of Eight (Go8)
  • Australian National University, Canberra
  • University of Melbourne
  • University of Queensland, Brisbane
  • University of New South Wales
  • University of Sydney
  • Monash University, Melbourne
  • University of Western Australia, Perth
  • University of Adelaide, Adelaide
Tertiary Education. Are you a student in an Australian University or a Vocational Education and Training (VET) system or a Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institution? Selling Scentsy while you are a student is a great way to earn some additional income.  Must be at least 18 years of age.


Scentsy PTY LTD PO Box 6163 Yatala DC, QLD 4207 Australia
You can join here:
Scentsy Australia Consultant Handbook

I will email your FREE New Consultant Guide when you join Scentsy in  Australia

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