Scentsy Car Bars

Posted by on August 19, 2016

Scentsy Car Bars

Scentsy Car Bars are awesome little disks that are designed to hang from your rear view mirror in your car, truck, van, or whatever vehicle you drive.  You can expect up to 30 days of fragrance from one Scentsy Car Bar.  For only $6 you can make that morning commute or afternoon carpool much better!

Honeymoon Hideaway Scentsy Car Bar

Weathered Leather Scentsy Car Bar

Weathered Leather

Welcome Home Scentsy Car Bar

Welcome Home

By the Sea Scentsy Car BAr

By the Sea

French Lavender Scentsy Car Bar

French Lavender

Coconut Lemongrass Scentsy Car Bar

Coconut Lemongrass

Luna Scentsy Car Bar


Clean Breeze Scentsy Car Bar

Clean Breeze

Blueberry Rush Scentsy Car Bar

Blueberry Rush

Bonfire Beach Scentsy Car Bar

Bonfire Beach

Black Raspberry Vanilla Scentsy Car Bar

Black Raspberry Vanilla

Blueberry cheesecake scentsy car bar

Blueberry Cheesecake

Coconut Cotton Scentsy Car Bar

Coconut Cotton

Buy Scentsy Car Bars in a single or a 6-pack!

As a mom of five, I spend a lot of time in my minivan.  Being a Sports Mom is fun, but it can make my van stinky from baseball and basketball shoes, sweaty uniforms, and old snacks that found their way onto the floor board.  I also have a 2 year old, and that means spilled sippy cups and goldfish everywhere.  Let’s not even talk about how long a french fry can survive in a vehicle.  I am so glad Scentsy invented the Car Bar!  Now I can have up to 30 days of fragrance from one $6 product.  It isn’t messy and comes in a big variety of scents.  These are perfect for Dad’s car too!

My Dear Watson Scentsy Car Bar

My Dear Watson

Silver Bells Scentsy Car Bar

Silver Bells

Eskimo Kiss Car Bar

Eskimo Kiss

Christmas Cottage Car Bar

Christmas Cottage

Snowberry Scentsy Car Bar


Sunkissed Citrus Scentsy Car Bar

Sunkissed Citrus


Sugared Cherry Scentsy Car Bar

Sugared Cherry

Vanilla Bean Buttercream Scentsy Car Bar

Vanilla Bean Buttercream

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