Scentsy Indigo Collection

Posted by on May 2, 2016

Scentsy Indigo Collection to enter the drawing. 100 winners will receive the complete Scentsy Indigo collection and a new Parlor warmer.  

It’s a powerful pigment — one that’s been highly valued in the world’s religions and across cultures for hundreds of years. It has inspired art, fashion and architecture as the “bluest of blues.” It’s one of the seven colors painted in every rainbow and can be found in the night sky, just before dawn.

I can’t imagine how many others, like me, have fallen in love with the mystery and beauty of indigo.

Scentsy Indigo Bars

Midnight Indigo Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Midnight Indigo: An expansive starry sky:
Sultry, intoxicating, mysterious.


Indigo Spirit Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Indigo Spirit: Violet petals on whipped meringue:
Rich, creamy, indulgent.

Indigo Petals Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Indigo Petals: A crown of flowers:
Fresh, vibrant, playful.

Indigo Cotton Scentsy bar Scentsy Indigo Cotton: Chambray on a clothesline:
Breezy, clean, serene.

Indigo Berries Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Indigo Berries: Sun-ripened, sugared berries:
Sweet, tart, bright.

Indigo Ice Scentsy Bar

Scentsy Indigo Ice: A wintry landscape:
Chilled, woodsy, invigorating.

The History of Scentsy Indigo

Its history is deep.

At one time, indigo’s allure was tied to its rarity. Indigo dye is naturally harvested from the tiny leaves of a small shrub. Before it could be manufactured as a synthetic, indigo was very expensive and very desirable. As you can imagine, with such rarity and demand, indigo’s story is also colored with devastation as people fought to attain it.

Throughout the ages, indigo has inspired much more than beauty (see the Indigo Revolt of 1859). But that doesn’t mean its story isn’t ultimately beautiful. It represents the power of the senses, and our soul’s connection to color.

Where will Scentsy Indigo take you?

Indigo is a global story — just like fragrance is a global story. Sourced and shared from India to Africa to America and beyond, drawing out emotion and impacting the world in immeasurable ways. How could we not marry two such remarkable stories, and two such powerful senses, to create something special?

Heidi Thompson, Co-owner of Scentsy,  wanted to curate limited-edition, “boutique” fragrance collections for years. As for Scentsy Indigo, the color itself inspired her.  Our incredibly creative perfumers designed six unique and alluring fragrances to express its complexity and depth.

Heidi loved the different characteristics of each fragrance, and how they each remind her of the color indigo. These fragrances, like the color that inspired them, are special — so she wanted to take the multi-sensory experience one step further: with music.

Envelop your senses in Indigo.  

Heidi created a playlist that crosses several genres, a dozen songs that reminds her of the indigo mood. I hope you’ll listen to it now, and be inspired as I have. I invite you to completely envelop your senses in Indigo — the color, the images, the layers of scent notes — and listen to the playlist again as you experience our fragrances when they become available on May 9

Indigo fragrances are available beginning May 9 for a limited time. To preorder, contact your Scentsy Consultant, Heather Llanes at or call/text 713-492-5271



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