Scentsy Kids

Posted by on July 30, 2015

Scentsy Kids

Now there are new Scentsy Kids products!  We have new Scentsy Kid warmers, new kids scents, and even bathtub Scrubby Buddies!  And for back to school we will now have Scentsy backpack buddy Clips!  Also great for lockers.  Of course they are scented!  After all, we are Scentsy!  We still also have the limited edition Scentsy Buddies too!  And new!  Scentsy Kid diffusers and Scentsy Kid Oils!

Scentsy Kids

blue whale scentsy warmer


Mollie the monkey scentsy buddy blip

Scentsy Kids Buddy Clips

The new Scentsy Kids Buddy Clips are the perfect backpack clip for your child.  It comes in four styles and guaranteed in stock!  You can choose from   Mollie the Monkey, Oakley the Owl, Stella the Unicorn, Audrey the Arachnid Spider, Penny the Pig, Shu Shu the Panda or Scout the Dragon.  Of course they are scented too!  Great for those smelly gym lockers too!  And don’t forget those diaper bags!  Never worry about these Buddy Clips selling out.  Scentsy is guaranteeing them to be in stock for the entire catalog season!

Scentsy mini buddy clips

Scentsy Kid Buddy Clipsunicorn scentsy buddy

Scentsy Kids now has new Scrubby Buddies and Bath Smoothies!

Want to make bath time fun?  Now Scentsy Kids has new bathtub Scrubby Buddies and Scentsy Bath Smoothies!  These bath or shower hand puppets are the perfect way to inspire your kids to get clean with their favorite Scentsy Buddy.  The foaming bath smoothie soap is safe for hair and skin.  Your child will be begging you to take a bath!  Makes a perfect stocking stuffer gift too!

Scentsy bathtub toys

Scentsy Kid Scrubby Buddy and Bath Smoothie

Scentsy Kids Fragrances

You asked, and we listened! Scentsy now has special Scentsy Kid fragrances!  These new Scents are available in Scentsy bars, and in the new Scentsy Bath Smoothies and Scentsy Buddy Clips!  Your child will feel special with new scents created just for him or her!

All of the new Scentsy Kid products are available now!

shark scentsy buddy

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