Deluxe Scentsy Starter Kit in February

Posted by on January 2, 2015

Deluxe Scentsy Starter Kit in February

Join Scentsy 2015

Scentsy is going to be BIG in 2016!

Current Promotion is our 2016 Scentsy Starter Kit!

Would you like to receive a Deluxe Scentsy Starter Kit for the same low price? February is what Scentsy calls a transition month. This is when they are getting ready to transition from the Fall/Winter catalog and product line to the new Scentsy Spring/Summer Catalog and product line that starts on March 1st.

So, in February 2016, Scentsy offers a sale to customers of almost 10% off the entire Fall/Winter catalog. Many scents and products will be retired and no longer available after February 28th to make room for the brand new Scentsy products coming on March 1st.

Double Scentsy Starter Kit

Extra BIG Scentsy Starter Kit

They also offer any new consultants that join in February an extra BIG, Deluxe Scentsy Starter Kit for the same low price of $99 in the US! $139 in Australia. £85 /€99 in the UK. €99 in Deutschland. $119 in Canada. Also available in Spain, France, and Mexico.

scentsy starter kit 2015

Scentsy Starter Kit

Your Deluxe Scentsy Starter Kit will include:

Business Supplies
  • Scent testers to share with party guests
  • Beautiful demonstration products like Warmers, Bars, and Layers by Scentsy
  • Catalogs, order forms, and business materials like invitations and marketing brochures
  • New Scentsy Catalog

    Your February Scentsy Starter Kit even has the new 2016 Scentsy Catalogs that start March 1st!

*Plus tax and shipping fees †Contents may vary

2015 Scentsy Kit

Start Selling Scentsy in 2016

February is a great time to Join Scentsy

Join Scentsy

Join Scentsy today

It really is a great time to Join Scentsy during the transition month in
February when you get all the extra catalogs and scents. Someone just starting their own Scentsy Business in February can take advantage of the 10% off almost everything sale and do a Launch Party to introduce their Scentsy Business to all their contacts. Then, when those orders come in, they can use the new Spring/Summer Catalog in the bag with the orders, and show it to the customers and get them excited about all the new Scentsy Products that are coming out.
Join Scentsy 2015

Join my Scentsy Team in 2016

The excitement of something new can be used to book additional parties in March and April with those initial customers from February. Getting your Scentsy business off the ground quickly can be extremely important to your long-term success. By signing up to sell Scentsy in February and getting the 2015 Deluxe Scentsy Starter Kit, you are giving your business a huge boost from the beginning.
Remember the extra big, Deluxe, 2016 Scentsy Starter Kit still only costs $99 + tax & shipping in February, and you get a bunch more business supplies and testers included. And… you don’t have to turn around and buy all those new products like existing consultants do, because it already comes in your kit! So, don’t wait, sign up to sell Scentsy in February and get ready for an incredible business opportunity!
The Scentsy Fragrance business opportunity is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Ireland, Australia , MexicoSpain and France! Choose your country and language to see the correct Starter Kit price for your region. New Zealand is NOW AVAILABLE TO JOIN TOO!
Join Scentsy 2015

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