Scentsy Starter Kit

Scentsy Starter Kit


The Scentsy Starter Kit is only $99.  But first, you might be asking yourself….

How much money will you make when you sell Scentsy? That depends on several different factors.  The Scentsy Compensation Plan is very generous.  You can make up to 30% commission on your personal sales.  You can also earn Free and Half-Price Price Scentsy Products that you can sell for full price, earning 50%-100% profit on those items.  As you begin to build your Scentsy team, you can earn bonuses on your own sales and on your team’s sales.  Scentsy pays big bonuses for Leadership.

If you select me as your
Scentsy Sponsor, I will teach you the compensation plan and help you understand what is needed to reach each new level with Scentsy as YOUR business grows.  I will help you maximize your profits from the beginning.   


Scentsy photo of Heather Llanes with Nicole Ferland

Heather Llanes with Nicole Ferland, the first consultant to earn the Scentsy Circle of Excellence

So Many Benefits when you Join Scentsy!

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At Scentsy, we don’t just recruit Consultants—we Sponsor, Support and Mentor them.
You can choose me as your personal sponsor, plus have access to our online Consultant forum and amazing web-based training. You’ll receive a new Consultant guide, promotional products and marketing materials -see below for contents.

Our Consultant Support Department is available every weekday from 5 am to 10 pm (MST). We also hold an annual convention and seasonal training and networking events throughout the US.

And that’s not all. Every Scentsy Consultant also gets a FREE website for 3
full months, then it is only $10 a month after that to keep it!  You will get
a Free online Workstation to organize and run your business, FREE credit card
processing, no inventory to manage, no autoship, no credit card fees and Free shipping on orders over $200 (discounted shipping for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, Puerto Rico or Canada).

What are the contents of the Scentsy Starter Kit? 

Scentsy Join Kit

Join Scentsy

Everything you need to launch your new business—for just $99*: †Contents may vary

  • 80+ scent testers to share with party guests
  • Beautiful demonstration products like Warmers, Bars, and more.
  • Catalogs, order forms, and business materials like invitations and marketing brochures
Business Supplies
  • New Consultant Start-up Guide (1)
  • Scentsy Catalogs (25)
  • Print Your Own Labels (1 pack of 10 sheets) 
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Order Forms (100)
  • Host Envelopes (5)
  • Host/Join Brochures (25)
  • Showcase Brochures
  • Product Lists
Demonstration Products
  • Party Testers (1 Full Set)
  • Scentsy Warmer (1)
  • Scentsy Bar (2)
  • Buddy Clip (1)
  • Car Bar (1)
  • Scentsy Washer Whiffs
  • Scentsy Counter Clean
  • Laundry Liquid Samples
  • Welcome Letter

*Plus tax and shipping fees
†Contents may vary

Scentsy booth photo of Heather Llanes

Heather Llanes

I made Director in just 12 months with Scentsy and promoted to Star Director in just two years. Now, as I approach my 7th year with Scentsy, I am a Super Star Director.  That’s the highest level you can achieve with Scentsy.  I would love to sponsor you and help you duplicate my success.  I offer monthly team training conference calls, as well as a ton of one on one personalized training.                                          

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