Scentsy Replacement Lids /Dish /Tops

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Heather Llanes

Independent Scentsy Family Star Director at Scentsy
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Scentsy Replacement Lids

Scentsy dish

Scentsy Tops/Lids/Dish

Scentsy Replacement Lids!

Do you have a broken lid on your favorite Scentsy warmer? Scentsy offers Replacement Parts and Lids that allows you to order exactly the piece you need! 

Scentsy tops

Scentsy dishes

 Scentsy Replacement Lids are only $10 and are available for almost all Scentsy warmers, even if they have been discontinued or retired.  If you are unsure of what the name of your Scentsy warmer is, please give me a call or text at 713-492-5271 and I will be happy to help you find the right replacement lid or replacement dish.

You can also email a picture of your warmer to me at  or text the photo to 713-492-5271 and I can help you find which Scentsy replacement dish you need.

Are you perhaps just looking for a Scentsy Replacement Light Bulb 

for your Scentsy Full-Size Warmer, Scentsy Mid-Size Warmer, or Scentsy Plug-In?

Scentsy Light Bulbs

Scentsy Replacement Bulbs

You have also come to the right place!  Scentsy Light Bulbs are just $1 each.

I advise using a genuine Scentsy light bulb instead of trying to find a similar one at a hardware store. Sometimes other bulbs may not melt your Scentsy wax correctly.

Do NOT USE non-Scentsy bulbs in your warmer!  You might pick the wrong bulb which could be unsafe!

I usually keep Scentsy bulbs on hand if you need a replacement right away.


Scentsy Warmers

Don’t know which size bulb you need? Call 713-492-5271 for help!


Scentsy warmers that are large use a 25 watt light bulb.

 Scentsy medium sized warmers  and any 3-piece warmer (has a top to the dish) use a 20 watt light bulb.


Scentsy Grotto Plug-In

Scentsy Plug-In

Scentsy Plug-In Warmers use a 15 watt light bulb.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           If your Scentsy Plug-In Base needs to be replaced, there is no need to order a brand new plug-in.  Instead, just order the Replacement Plug.       It is only $8 and fits any Scentsy Plug-In.

Scentsy Replacement Plug for Plug-In

Replacement Plug

Did you know the plug rotates to fit even outlets that are sideways or upside down? Scentsy Plug-In Warmers can even double as a night-light at night.  It is safe to leave them turned on 24/7.
Scentsy now even offers element warmers with no light bulbs!  These are perfect for bedrooms where you may not want the light at night.


Do you want to elevate your Scentsy warmer?
Then try out our beautifully ornate Scentsy Warmer Stands
They are available in Round or Square and will lift the Scentsy Warmer off the surface to add some visual impact.  I also suggest using a Scentsy Stand if you will be placing your Scentsy Warmer on a wood surface.

Scentsy Round Stand

Round Stand

Scentsy Square Stand

Square Stand


Find all your Scentsy Replacement parts here!

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44 Responses to Scentsy Replacement Lids /Dish /Tops

  1. Maritza Hoffman

    I have a red/white/blue larger scentsy warmer with stars on the stand. When I moved, the square lid broke. Can you find me a replacement?

    • Heather Llanes

      I can definitely help you find a Scentsy replacement lid. I will email you the link to order your replacement Scentsy dish for the broken Scentsy warmer you described. Glad to help!

  2. Margaret

    I am having a hard time finding a replacement dish for Heavenly. Can you help me?
    Thanks, Margaret

    • Heather Llanes

      The Heavenly Warmer does not have a replacement dish sold separately at this time. The Heavenly Scentsy Warmer is only available as a complete set.

  3. Rhea

    How do I rotate the plug to fit horizontal outlets? I also sent you a picture of my warmer that needs a replacement lid. Hope you got it. Thanks.

    • Heather Llanes

      All Scentsy Plug Ins can be rotated on the bottom piece, which is the base. Some can simply be twisted to the right or left, while others have a small button to press down before turning. Call me at 713-492-5271 if you need more help with your Scentsy Plug-in.

  4. Destiny

    Do I have any chance of finding a replacement dish for the jack o lantern full size warmer (2011)?

    • Heather Llanes

      Currently, the Scentsy Jack o Lantern Warmer does not have a replacement dish available. However, I do know where I can still purchase a whole new Scentsy Jack O Lantern Warmer. Let me know if you are interested in buying a new one?

  5. Tami

    I have a Scentsy plug in and the bottom rubber seal has broken and fallen off. Is there a replacement part for this rubber seal?

  6. Gail Glasgow

    I need a replacement dish for my large scentsy warmer. How can I obtain another one?

  7. doris pietrowski

    I need a topper for my football warmer

  8. Ann Shepherd

    My grandkids broke the top for a lotus square lid can you get that one?

  9. Shirley

    I can’t determine which bowl/lid goes to the giraffe print warmer. I need to replace mine.


  10. Katie

    We have a mid-size limestone warmer that needs a new dish. Is there one currently available that you would suggest as a replacement?

  11. Angie Peacock

    I accidentally broke the dish on my scentsy Autism Awareness warmer. Is there a replacement lid available or at least one that would fit?

  12. stephanie

    Hello, can you tell me what dish can work with the limestone warmer, it seems that line of warmers is discontinued. thank you

  13. Amanda

    I have the cream tulip scensty and the glass to hold the wax broke. How can I go about replacing it.

  14. Jeri Priest-Jenkins

    Broke just the bottom of my Scentsy which has a light bulb. Just a clean break. 2 pieces, which I super glued together. Can’t even tell. Can I still use it. Top unaffected.

    • Heather Llanes

      I am not aware of how super glue will react to heat over a prolonged period of time, so I can’t really advise you on this issue. I would imagine it would be ok as long as the electrical components were not affected, but I can’t say for sure.

  15. Hilda

    Im in need of a Casbah lid and a lime stone lid.

  16. Lisa Beltrami

    Hi, I need a replacement plug. Can you help?

  17. jake

    I am looking for a replacement lid to my love life breast cancer awareness warmer.

  18. Jessica

    I am looking for a replacement lid for the University of Maryland warmer. Is this available?

  19. Sher

    Hi I have a Essenza warmer, and I need a replacement dish for that in black/bronze

    Will the Sentsy fit? Thanks!

  20. Rosemarie

    I’m looking for replacement plug-ins for older Scentsy night lights. The new plug-in I got does not fit either of my night lights. It is too big and does not fit where the bulb goes. Is there a way to order plug-ins for older Scentsy night lights? Thank you.

  21. Heather Llanes

    Here is the link to the replacement Scentsy nightlight plug in base. We carry two styles. The one on the left will work with older style Scentsy plug-ins.

  22. Kelli

    Hi, my Scentsy warmer causes the wax to seep through the dish, down the inside of the main part and onto the surface of the counter. I buy and use only Scentsy brand wax and bulbs with my warmer. Any suggestions?

    • Heather Llanes

      If wax is going through the dish, you probably have a hairline crack in it. Be sure and never use a knife to scrape out the wax when changing it. Sometimes that can cause a hairline crack in the dish to develop. Depending on your personal circumstances, if the dish was defective it could be covered under the warranty. Please contact me by phone or email to discuss further. or 713-492-5271

  23. Lesley Newvcomb

    Can you possibly find me a replacement dish for my burner…I just dropped it and broke it…darn thing was slippery from the wax. Oh well, my burner is white wash looking with pine cones on it and the dish that the wax goes in is brownish. I would love to replace it since this is my favorite piece ever~ Thanks so much~

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